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I suppose it's official

I've successfully cleared things up with Hermione, and she's said yes to going out with me. (Not that anyone could so no to the Sex God). So there you have it. Now you all know. Hermione Granger and I are a...an item, I suppose you could say. Which means, (and sorry in advance for the vulgarity Herm) that she will be receiving a fuck load of pleasure, which I'm sure all of you will be missing out on. 

In other words, if any of you Griffindorks, HufflePoofs, of Ravinglunatics, have a problem with it, you can deal with me. Because there's no way I'm going to allow you to give her any crap for it. 

Here goes shit

We've arrived where I can no longer avoid the poeple I've been avoiding. Draco's being a pussy, Pansy's being a bitch (nothing new there), and I've felt no need to share with either of them what has been going on with me. Consequently, this is going to be an interesting next couple of weeks, when everything spills, my entire situation is laid out in front of everyone, including myself, and I am forced to figure out what the fuck I plan on doing about it.


There isn't really much to say about me. I'm Blaise, I am part of the Slytherin house, Draco forced me to do this, and if you really need to know more about me--ask, unless of course i don't like you. Then asking won't do shit. So, that's it. This better suffice for now Draco... -.-

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